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My story

I’ve had a passion for children since I was a child myself.


I’m one of six direct cousins, and even tough I’m not the oldest one, I was always the mediator. I kept everyone busy, happy and getting along.


When I was growing up, I was always extremely interested in the idea and process of how we turn into who we are as an adult. How behaviour, self-discipline, personality and movement is shaped while we grow up. At dinners and parties, I’d always end up being surrounded by children.

I went to university in Coimbra to study Sports Science and enlighten all my doubts.

Soon I was starting my professional life, while I was still studying, and that early pattern remained the same and I’d always end up working with children. But it was only much later that I started to notice that pattern…


I was working sooo much more with children than with adults… and I enjoyed it!

It was only natural that I would focus my trainings on children, so I started to improve my skills.


I wanted to be the best teacher I could possibly be!! Now nearly 10 years since I started I love my nanny was finally born and I’m still learning day by day with the children! Read on to learn about my experience.

Miss Mara Childcare Specialist
Who Am I?

Nearly 10 Years of Experience with Children!

My name is Mara or Miss Mara (like the children usually call me) as you prefer. 
I came from a very sunny country... Portugal!

I graduated in Sports Science from the University of Coimbra in Portugal. I have experience working with children from the UK and other nationalities in Portugal, Brazil and UK so I am used to working with children from different cultural backgrounds. I have always worked with children because they are my passion and I have a genuine love for children and interest in child development at all stages.


As a teacher I believe it is very important for children to have a well structured environment so they get less stressed out because they know the routine and what to do next. I look forward for working with you on that matter! For me discipline and respect are equally relevant.


I am both confident and responsible and I have an academic background in health and safety.


I take a positive approach towards children, emphasising independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. I believe the best way to educate and stimulate kids is through play and fun activities as they need stimulus and exercise to develop all the time. I enjoy using the outside when the weather is suitable.


I’m both healthy and fit… one must have some extra energy with children right?


I am well presented and fluent in English. I also have basic listening, speaking and writing skills in French and Spanish. I am flexible for travelling (EU passport) and I have EU driving license. And I am a good driver (a careful one)!


I also have basic defense techniques skills (martial arts).


You will find me practical, caring, loving, reliable and organised, while your kids will find me funny, kind, interesting and a role model (which I find is the best way to teach and take care).


If your children are shy, don’t worry: I’ll find a way to their special little world and hearts.


I worked for long time with high profile clients, both in five stars hotels and on the clients houses, so I am very professional and discreet, as my focus is on the children’s well-being.


I am also a team player and I am confident that we will make a solid team (both with you parents or other staff you may have). Be certain that I will follow your instructions closely as long as they follow the child’s best interest.


I would love to speak to you personally about your child and family’s needs.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Miss Mara

Miss Mara
Who Am I?
I love my nanny.

I Love My Nanny

Because I love you!

Childcare I love my nanny
Early Years Foundation Stage

I Love My Nanny follows the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework that addresses the development of a child in the early years based on where to should be according to their age. There are seven areas of knowledge, three Prime and four Specific.



  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development;

  • Comunication and Language;

  • And Physical Development.



  • Literacy;

  • Mathematics;

  • Understanding the world

  • And Expressive Arts and Design.


The EYFS is meant to be a guideline for adults to understand and support the children on their individual path of development.

Every child is unique and I Love My Nanny knows that and is ready to support your child, in the early years, to achieve the accurate goal for their age band. 

Parents and Carers can find guidance to your child’s learning and development in the EYFS on What to expect

We base our interactions with children also on the British Values and therefore on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principles.


I have worked with children ranging from 0 months to 16 years old as a:

  • Nanny;

  • Babysitter;

  • Nursery Practitioner (room leader, employee of the month);

  • SENCO - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

  • Psychomotricity specialist teacher (for early years)

  • Swimming and AAE (Adaptation to the Aquatic Environment) coach

  • Physical Education teacher

  • Inclusive Hydrotherapy, gymnastics and tennis teacher for adults with Special Needs

  • Event manager

  • Personal trainer (adults in general and for children with scoliosis/ hyperlordosis and other conditions)

  • Laughter Yoga Leader (senior and children)

  • Pilates instructor (solo and with equipment- Chair, Barrel, Cadillac, Spine corrector and fitball)

  • Animator

  • Kinesiotherapy (fascial elastic bandage) specialist

  • Water aerobics for elderly

  • Technical consultant/trainer on health and sports equipment

  • Technical Director and trainer for gym

  • Sales consultant

  • Fitball instructor

  • Fitness consultant

  • Speaker in events (Shantala massage for babies, Equestrian therapy for kids)


I have also done voluntary work with disadvantaged children with special needs.


I had many trainings throughout the years. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Major in Sports Science;

  • Level 4 - Advanced Nursery Management (Higher distinction);

  • LEVEL 3 - Early Years (Merit);

  • Paediatric First aid;

  • Learning how to read on early years training;

  • Nannying training;

  • SEN Support in early years training;

  • Prevent duty

  • And many others.

About I Love My Nanny

After working for about a decade with children I realise the carers had so many questions (the same one very frequently), needs, doubts and needed motivation and advise, help and empowerment.


I Love My Nanny was born to give you the light much needed.


The services were thought to tailor most of your family’s and your business’s needs.


At I Love my nanny we focus on building character and independent children with a positive holistic approach improving their strengths and weakness, supporting them to achieve their life skills and individual needs.

Expect tailored and extensive childcare experience combined with different skills like arts&carfts, sports, songs, cooking and languages knowledge in a safe environment. 


With I Love My Nanny your child is going to have the whole package and learn a little bit about everything, according to their interests. They will also learn:

  • Love and Empathy;

  • Healthy eating;

  • Manners;

  • Hygiene habits;

  • Discipline;

  • Independence

  • And much more…

For us is extremely important to maintain a close and healthy partnership with the carers/parents. No one knows your child better than you, but children can display different behaviour and interests on other environments, so maintaining this communication open will help to organise routines and keep the child happy and balanced achieving positives outcomes easily.


Recently I Love My Nanny partnered with Marketing CACD to help our clients to have access to services we didn’t provide yet. From now on you’ll be able to have a Websites, Graphic and printed designs tailored just for you. Check here.  


Don’t forget to follow and like our Facebook page I Love My Nanny! There we share cool activities, sweet videos, motivation quotes and more much more... Anything we feel you might need or ask, really!

You are not alone anymore!


Be very welcome to I Love My Nanny world!

I wish you enjoy the warm, love and join our vibe!


I look forward to see you engaged with us in coming years!


Because I Love You!

About I Love My Nanny

“We are very happy with Miss Mara and the effort she puts in. She has a great approach and is very caring towards the children.”


“Miss Mara always makes time for me. Has a mum is very reassuring to get a good picture of your child’s day and hear about her progress and the planning that is being made.”


“Miss Mara is always that lovely curly hair lady at the end of the room surrounded by children. Her smile and help is incomparable!”


“I feel very comfortable to leave my girl with her. She is her second mum. Me and my husband are very happy that she is our daughter Key person as she is really a gifted one!”


“Miss Mara is such a lovely and caring person. My daughter can’t wait to see her. She helped her to grow and be more confident”


“We have a lot to thank Miss Mara. She helped our son to grow nice and kind”


“We appreciate the effort Miss Mara makes. My son isn’t always easy but clearly feels comfortable with her and really listen to her.“


“I’ve learned so much with Miss Mara. I learned to listen to my son and to set boundaries. Now our outings to the market are so peaceful!”


“We can’t thank her enough. She is really wonderful!”


“Thank you for everything you have done.  She came in a baby and now I have a big girl - she speaks, writes, reads and do/knows a lot of things.”


“Miss Mara you are the best! Thank you for your love, patience, care, nice time, shared games and learning! It was very important for my son to learn the language and settle in.”

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