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I Love My Nanny have services designed for child related business. Whether if your setting (nursery, childminder, babysitters...) need consulting, emergency cover, websites ou graphic design we have a solution for you. 

Premium Services for Premium Settings!
I love my Nanny

I Love My Nanny

Because I love you!

Childcare I love my nanny

Do you need some help on a specific matter? Do you need I Love My Nanny to access how your children is being treated? Is your nursery really following EYFS?

We are here to support you and your business. Book it now.

Emergency Cover
Emergency Cover

Your ratio is running low today?

Too many staff sick?

Need breakfast cover?

Need a Holiday cover?

An assistant for a couple hours?

Do you need more cover for a Graduation party?

A parent's evening?


I Love My Nanny can support your business by covering for your staff. This service can be ad hoc or on a regular basis.


You will have childcare cover you can trust!


Please get give us a call we can help.

Psychomotricity Classes

Psychomotricity is defined as the psychology of movement, which shows that the body is connected to the mind and that, therefore, the actions that we perform are accompanied by a thought.


Psychomotricity should be taken into account, especially in the first six years of the child. Throughout this period, the child has a great plasticity of the brain, since that is when the neural connections form. The psychomotricity, through the movement of the body, allows to stimulate these connections, to be generated in greater quantity. That is why it is so important that children move and practice psychomotor activities, especially in the early years of life.


Psychomotricity takes into account the social, intellectual, motor and affective aspect of the child. Through the exercises of psychomotricity, such as jumping, running or playing ball, the little ones become aware of their own body, as they acquire concepts about what surrounds them: up and down, forward and backward, left and right, etc. All this provides the physical and cognitive development of children, while potentiating their stimulation.


The child who presents a poor psychomotor development may present problems in writing, reading, towards graphics, in distinction of letters, on ordering of syllables, in abstract thinking and logical, grammatical analysis, have reduced social skills, among others. It refers to social, affective and cognitive development.


I Love My Nanny Psychomotricity classes includes playfulness in fun circuits, games and expressive activities and is focused on a whole body development. The classes can be applied for children from 1 to 5 years old and last from 30 to 45 minutes according to the age band.  

Do you need something our services don’t cover?


Get in touch!


We can deliver a service tailored to your setting needs!

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